Really Seattle! Really!!!! King5 news just reported that the city of Seattle and Tribal leaders are trying to change the name of Columbus Day to “Indigenous Peoples Day” Seriously don’t you have better things to do with your time and tax payers money, like find a way to keep buses!!!

Somebody is enjoying there first time in her exersaucer this morning! love it! She is getting so big!!!

So is it morally wrong to start a go fund me page so people can help me buy a boat! I don’t want much just like  $15,000

So I figured if she is not going to take a nap then I guess we will play dress up!

Baby Sounds

Aww the little sounds I wake up to every morning. My daughter now almost four months old while asleep bangs her feet manages to get her arm out most mornings and proceeds to scrape the wall and make a lot of sounds like cooing, grunting ect and then lets out an adult size fart like big like real big every morning! If I’m not already awake to hear it, it wakes me up and then silence she makes sigh of relief and then passes back out! Love it! I hate to say it but she is just like her daddy…    

I think my camera on my phone got hacked. I just clicked on the screen to take a picture and it geeked out and I could see what looked like someone’s cubical wall with stuff all over it and part of a computer! What the fuck! I really hate my windows phone it has been nothing but a big pile of stinky dog shit ever since I got it.    

Aww good morning Tumblr!  

LJ is getting so big so fast!

LJ is getting so big so fast!

I’m so bored right now… I passed my boaters test 97% thank you very much! I search for boats and new flooring, wood and carpet checked out news websites all lame! Facebook sucks except for the Dads groups I joined but they are a little strange not used to it yet. I’m to tired now to workout been sitting on my ass too long. Maybe I should just wake the baby so I have something to do WAIT she just opened her eyes well gotta go!    

The joys of being a stay at home DAD

I’m standing in the kitchen wondering what am I going to make for breakfast and then I remember I have bacon and I’m like Hell Yeah! And then suddenly I her my daughter in the living room blow out! At least the smell of bacon is stronger then a poopy diaper.