Enough is Enough

Dude I get it! we as Tumblr’s  are now exposed to spam “AKA” sponsored links (which is bullshit but whatever) but seriously how much is the AXE product paying cause about every 15th post is a AXE sponsored post for like past week or so JUST STOP please! I’m never going to buy your shit A. I’m not 20! B. I don’t want smell like I dove into a lake of perfume!

Gave Luna some much needed beach time this morning. It was amazing out!

Gave Luna some much needed beach time this morning. It was amazing out!

I am really getting tired of how rude people are. Every day all day

So True !

3 Months old last Sunday! She is growing so fast

3 Months old last Sunday! She is growing so fast

To use Kirkland diapers or not

I’m sick of these fucking diapers they don’t hold shit literally at all. We been using them for about 4-5 days and every day I have to change LJs clothes cause they just can’t hold up. The tabs are folded in which is just annoying at three in the morning and for the recommended size they are like a inch to short! The only good thing about them is the price. So if you don’t mind cleaning a large amount of clothes and cleaning whatever he/she is laying at the time of said BM then by all means use them. Even with the ruffles out! You get a F- in my book Kirkland diapers.      Now I know people love these diapers and swear by them and that’s great I’m just saying there not for me.  

If your having trouble sleeping go online and read over the Boaters safety course to get your boaters license and you’ll be asleep in no time!!!   

i’m losing my mind, so i thought

For a long time now and I I’m talking like for the past 7 to 9 years I have been under the impression that I am losing my mind ((figuratively not literally!) and I have always wanted to talk about it on Tumblr and I do write stuff but then I read it and I delete it cause who wants to hear about what I like to call rime time in the shower and all the weird noise’s I make like really weird and just the most random shit that pops in my head and I’m off rapping about in the shower. I swear throw me a word I’ll rime that shit out! But then something hit me the past couple of days, all this time I thought I’m going crazy by making rimes, weird noise and facial impression I realized I’m not crazy (well maybe) I was just practicing to be a really good dad to my daughter and to be able to make her laugh. Cause now it all seems like what good dads do to make there kids happy! So instead of feeling crazy I’m just really happy! Maybe a little crazy!That’s all now bye bye          

Working out is no fun

So this morning I was feeling sluggish so since I have been complaining for like 3 years that I need to start working out I figured what the hell lets do it. Yeah no good, after 30 lunges and 30 touch and goes now I’m still sluggish and in pain… yay!!!

Late night’s sky was just incredible!